About The Belfast Whiskey Trail and Irish Whiskey Trail.

Learn About the Belfast Whiskey Trail and Irish Whiskey Trail.

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Welcome to and Learn About The Belfast Whiskey Trail Website featuring a selection of the very best Irish Whiskey Trail Pubs and Tourism venues in Belfast and Northern Ireland.

All of the listings featured on the Belfast Whiskey Trail have been carefully selected by our local panel of Belfast based Irish Whiskey Aficionados and Experts. In addition, every venue listed has also been personally approved by Irish Whiskey Writer and Editor of IrishWhiskey.com Stuart McNamara. A new Top 20 Belfast Whiskey Trail and Irish Whiskey Trail Awards are announced on Irish Whiskey Day (3rd March) each year.

Join the Belfast Whiskey Trail or Irish Whiskey Trail.

Membership of the Belfast Whiskey Trail and Irish Whiskey Trail is by invitation only and is free of charge to ensure that our selections are unbiased and completely independent. Belfast Whiskey Trail Listing profiles are written and maintained by the venue owners.

Add Belfast Whiskey Trail Reviews.

Anyone can add reviews and visitor feedback on the listing pages of the Belfast Whiskey Trail by registering a free account using the registration form on the front page. All comments are moderated so there may be a small delay between comment posting and publication.

Please note, we are a good news website celebrating the best in Irish Whiskey venues in Belfast and Northern Ireland. If you have had a good experience, use both the comment box and star ratings. If you have a complaint, just use the star feature. If you feel a need to vent your anger in writing, send it to the venue owner outside this site!

Fans can submit Venue Listings for Approval.

While Belfast Whiskey Trail membership is by invitation, anyone can submit a venue listing for consideration and approval by our team. You should only make such submissions if you are absolutely sure that the venue is of same the high standard of our existing Belfast Whiskey Trail Members.

If after a few days, your submission has not been approved, it generally means that it has not been accepted at this time by our expert panel. We do not generally enter into discussion on declined memberships.

Claim a Belfast Whiskey Trail Listing.

If as a venue owner, you find that some kind person has already successfully created an approved listing for your venue, just register a free account (above) and use the “Claim Listing” feature on the profile page. Once we are happy that you are the real owner, we will quickly transfer ownership of the listing to your account.

Irish Whiskey .Pub

If your Pub is not yet at the required Belfast Whiskey Trail standard, you can still create a free listing on our Irish Whiskey Pub World Directory at IrishWhiskey.Pub and IrishWhiskeyPub.Com (same site). We are developing this as a website and Smartphone App that lists Irish Whiskey Pubs from all over the world and allows Irish Whiskey Aficionados to find a Pub that serves their favourite Irish Whiskey brand anywhere in the world. Again, all listings are free of charge.